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Chicken, Turkey & Eggs



Free Range - Antibiotic Free & Hormone Free 

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We raise our birds with NO Antibiotics, NO Hormones, and they are  all Free-Range birds with plenty of sunshine and air. They are not fed any soy or animal bi-products. They are fed all natural grains and allowed to go out on pasture to eat bugs. Try one of our chickens and it will remind you of the one your grandma used to make. 

 Farm Fresh Eggs  -  White & Brown  # 3008

    Our chickens lay white eggs. We selected these chickens because of their good laying habits. Sometimes chickens that lay differnt colored eggs such as green and brown are not as dependable layers in our cold winters here in Michigan. The eggs hold the same nutritional value as those of other colors. It is purely based on the breed of chicken. 

Our Eggs Sit Up and Smile at You!

Whole Birds

# 3000  Whole Roaster Chickens 

Our 6 to 9 lb. roaster chickens are free range birds and contain no hormones or antibiotics.Fed Certified mixed grains - No Soy.  Some of the best chicken you’ll ever cook. These delicious succulent chickens make any meal extra special.  Delivered frozen.   

# 3001  **Whole Turkeys    

Delicious 10 to 26 lb. tom turkeys contain no hormones or antibiotics. These juicy, flavorful birds are a must for the holidays and are perfect for the deep fryer. You may order them fresh or frozen. Please specify your desired weight when ordering.