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Bnls/Skls Chicken Breast, 2/pk

Receive 2 of our pasture raised boneless and skinless Chicken Breasts.
Price: 20.11

Pre order amount: $ 10.05
base price : $ 11.49 per 1 lb
Approximately 1.75 lb per package. The advertised price is an estimate and based on exactly 1.75 lbs. The exact price will vary based on the actual weight of your package.

What You're Getting

Our Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are leaner than factory bred chickens and so tender and juicy! Our butcher debones and separates the breasts from our larger, Roaster Chickens. We trim the fat off of each breast so that it is ready to be cooked in your favorite recipe.

You'll receive 2 breasts per package.

Our chicken breasts are also available bone-in/skin-on.

Helpful Hints & Cooking Tricks

Visit our Recipe Corner for easy chicken breast recipes like Chipotle Citrus Chicken Tacos!

Farming Practices

All of our chickens here at John Henry's are fed a mix of non-GMO corn, oats, and peas, and they also love to scratch around in the dirt and grass looking for bugs... their preferred snack to eat! We raise them locally on our family farm, and they are never given any hormones or antibiotics. Our fields and feed are never exposed to harsh chemicals or pesticides. Our chickens are free range and spend their days being outside as much as they wish.

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5 10 Reviews, 0 Questions
P Patti Ashmore BEST CHICKEN BREAST EVER These chicken breast are tender, flavorful and fat free (no trimming necessary)You can cut it with just a fork if cooked properly. 07/26/2021
M Monica Pardy Chicken Love your chicken breasts, they have such wonderful flavor. 02/11/2021
M Mary Fairchild Bnls/Skls Chicken Breast Best chicken ever! So tender and juicy. So delicious, even when seasoned with just salt and pepper. Best quality! My freezer is never without! 02/09/2021
D Deborah Love this chicken! This 2 pack of chicken is just one of the items we buy all the time. They are vacuum sealed. I can easily take out 1 package and feed my family of 4. If I am looking for thinner cuts I either slice this in half or buy the bulk 10lb bag. You will not be disappointed. Always shred perfectly when cooked in my InstantPot. 01/21/2021
S Stacie Best Chicken Ever This is my favorite chicken!! It’s always tender, and never has the tough chewiness that you often find with conventional store bought chicken. 01/20/2021
M Marla Lewis My favorite Trimmed, packaged in perfect amounts for our family and delicious. 01/19/2021
K Kim Alsbury Moist and Tender These chicken breast are very moist and tender. I simply bake them and they are exceptional. They taste amazing too. 05/07/2020
H Heather Rausch Great selection, excellent quality and taste! The half beef was a great purchase for our family of four! For us it lasted one year as we also eat a lot of chicken and some pork. We have never been disappointed by John Henry's meats in quality, taste, and presentation. It is difficult to rank top stars in all categories but John Henry's earned it! 01/06/2017
D Denise Murdoch superior product The taste and texture of this chicken is great. I will not purchase chicken from the grocery store ever again. Plus the convenience of home delivery is wonderful. 09/12/2016
E Elizabeth Kelly Moist & Tender I love these chicken breasts! They are so convenient to have on hand. 08/20/2015
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