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Brat Party Pack

Make summer entertaining easy with our Bratwurst Party Pack! It includes 32 Quarter Pound Handmade Brats. You'll receive 16 of our Regular Pork Brats and 16 Brats in a flavor of your choice.
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Price: Approx. $89.99

The Bratwurst Party Pack Includes:
16 - Regular Pork Brats
16 - (Your Choice of Brat Flavor)

Each of our Quarter Pound Homemade Bratwurst is ground, stuffed and twisted by hand. We use a certified organice brat seasoning with additional ingredients specific to the variety of brat (ingredients lists can be found when you search for the individual products). 

All of our pigs here at John Henry's are fed a mix of corn, oats, and alfalfa to keep them happy and healthy. They are locally raised, no hormones and no antibiotics. Our fields and feed are never exposed to harsh chemicals or pesticides.

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