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Bundle 10 - Quarter Beef

NEW LOWER PRICE! $3.99/lb Hanging Weight. Wrapped, labeled, and freezer ready. Special order-Advanced notice required
Exact. $699.00

Quarter Beef bundles may require advanced notice and additional delivery time. A deposit of 50% will be charged at the time of order and the remainder will be charged before shipping.

Bundle 10 - Quarter Beef  (total hanging weight approx 175Lbs, finished take home weight approx 113 lbs)


3 - Sirloin Steaks,
3 - Round Steaks,
3 - Porterhouse Steaks,
4 - T-Bone Steaks,
4 - Ribeye Steaks,
2 - English Roasts,
3 - Chuck Roasts,
1 - Rolled Rump Roast,
1 - Sirloin Tip Roast,
4 lbs. - Stew Meat,
25 lbs. - Ground Beef,
2 pkgs. - Shanks,
2 pkgs. - Short Ribs,
1 lb. - Liver (sliced @ 3/8"),
Soup Bones

*All cuts are approximate and will vary based on the actual size of the beef or pig.  You can elect to have some of your roasts ground or cut into stew meat.  T-Bone and Porterhouse Steaks can be substituted for New York Strips and Filet Mignons.  Steaks can be any thickness you wish.  The meat will be wrapped in white freezer paper and frozen.  Ground Beef will be in 1 lb. plastic bags.  The packages will be individually marked for easy identification.  A deposit of half down is required when ordering.  Please call or email with any questions or to place your order by phone.  tel.989.302.3366