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Chicken Chorizo Sausage, 1 lb

Spice up your breakfast with our Chicken Chorizo Breakfast Sausage!
Price: 10.59

Pre order amount: $ 5.29
base price : $ 10.59 per 1 lb
Approximately 1.00 lb per package. The advertised price is an estimate and based on exactly 1.00 lbs. The exact price will vary based on the actual weight of your package.

What You're Getting

Try a new twist on breakfast with our spicy Chicken Chorizo Breakfast Sausage! Made fresh with 100% Ground Chicken and spices, with no additives or fillers. Try this ground meat blend in your favorite Mexican recipes too!

You'll receive a 1lb package of this blend.

Ingredients: Chicken, Apple Cider Vinegar, Seasoning (Untreated Salt, Organic Spices [Including Organic Red Pepper, Organic Cumin, Organic Oregano, Organic Coriander], Organic Paprika, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice Powder, Organic Chili Powder Blend (Organic Spices, Sea Salt, Organic Garlic), Organic Garlic Powder

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Helpful Hints & Cooking Tricks

Visit our Blog and Recipe Corner for helpful cooking tips and delicious recipes!

Farming Practices

All of our chickens here at John Henry's are fed a mix of non-GMO corn, oats, and peas, and they also love to scratch around in the dirt and grass looking for bugs... their preferred snack to eat! We raise them locally on our family farm, and they are never given any hormones or antibiotics. Our fields and feed are never exposed to harsh chemicals or pesticides. Our chickens are free range and spend their days being outside as much as they wish.

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5 6 Reviews, 0 Questions
J JAH Best chorizo anywhere This is by far my favorite chorizo. It's moist and tender, but never greasy or fatty. The spicing strikes a perfect balance, neither too hot nor too bland. If you make chili with ground beef, trying a half and half mix with this chorizo. We love it! 02/09/2021
L Lisa H SO good! This is one of my new favorites! It's not too spicy, but adds a little kick and flavor. I love it with sweet potato and red onion, topped with poached eggs. Seriously delicious! 01/31/2021
S Suzanne J Super hot and delicious! Whew! This is some hot stuff!! My kids love it straight up in tacos. My husband and I need to tone it down a bit by mixing with other ingredients. It is delicious, especially if you love spicy hot foods. 01/23/2021
K Karen R. Amazing in chicken chili! While the quality of the meat you sell is always excellent, I would like to specifically mention the chicken chorizo. It is AMAZING in white bean chicken chili. Thank you! 12/14/2020
N Nicole Condon So good! Used this chicken chorizo sausage for our taco night - the sausage, some cheese - all rolled up in a tortilla - it was amazing! The kids loved it and my husband, who is not a big fan of chicken, also loved it. It is really spicy and well seasoned! Delish! 02/18/2018
L Leslie Coxon One of my favorite John Henry items I keep packages of the chorizo in my freezer at all times if I can. It adds great flavor that kicks up any dish with ground meat in it, casseroles, and soups. Amazing in breakfast burritos. It is on the spicy side but I prefer it like that! If you don't like it that spicy, mix it with a regular ground pork. 12/26/2017
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