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Ground Sirloin - 1 lb pkg

Our leanest Grass Fed Ground Beef blend has all the flavor without the fat! You'll receive approximately 1 lb of ground meat per package.
Approx. $10.29
base price: $10.29 per 1 lb

Our ground sirloin is our leanest grind at a 90/10 blend. Perfect for chili, meatballs, goulash, etc. Great flavor without all the fat!

Our Ground Sirloin is ground fresh in small batches from one beef at a time.

Approximately 1 lb per package. The advertised price is an estimate and based on exactly 1.00 lbs. The exact price will vary based on the actual weight of your package.

All of our beef here at John Henry's is grass fed and finished, locally raised, no hormones and no antibiotics. Our fields and feed are never exposed to harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Excellent !!!, 8/20/2015 3:18 PM
From: Elizabeth
This is the BEST ground sirloin !!!
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Outstanding!, 5/7/2020 7:11 AM
From: Kim
This is seriously the best ground sirloin I have purchased anywhere.   It is lean and packaged perfectly.  I have purchased ground sirloin from other places and it has so much "fat" that I have to strain it. Not this ground sirloin.  It is perfection!
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