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Marrow Bone

These large Marrow bones are cut at 4 inches and are great for making Bone Broth. Dogs love them too! You'll receive 1 bone per package.
Approx. $3.35
base price: $5.58 per 1 lb

Marrow Bones are full of nutrients and are the perfect base for making your favorite soup or a healthy Beef Bone Broth. Homemade Bone Broth is packed full of over 19 bio­available (easy for your body to absorb) essential and non­ essential amino acids, collagen (which helps to keep all your connective tissue in good health), and other nutrients that support digestive functions, immunity and brain health. They're not just healthy for you, Marrow Bones are loved by doggies as well! Treat your pet to a healthy grass fed beef bone!

Each package contains 1 Marrow Bone cut at 4 inches and approximately .50-.75 lbs.

The advertised price is an estimate and based on exactly 0.60 lbs. The exact price will vary based on the actual weight of your package.

All of our beef here at John Henry's is grass fed and finished, locally raised, no hormones and no antibiotics. Our fields and feed are never exposed to harsh chemicals or pesticides.