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John Henry's Ground Beef & Heart
2 lbs
Favorite Taco Seasoning
Ours is Wildtree
Corn Tostada Shells
1 pkg
Burrito Size Flour Tortillas
1 pkg
Fajita Size Flour Tortillas
1 pkg
Medium Salsa Con Queso Dip
1 Jar
Sour Cream
16 oz
1 shredded bag
Mexican Cheese
8 oz shredded bag
2 chopped
Salsa or Taco Sauce
Cooking Oil

·         In a skillet on medium heat, begin browning the Ground Beef & Heart. Once browned add in the seasoning blend of your choice.

·         Layout burrito tortilla, spoon out some queso dip on to tortilla, spreading it in a circle with the back of the spoon about the size of the tostada.

·         Spoon out seasoned Gr. Beef blend to cover queso dip.

·         Take a tostada and cover the one side with sour cream, place over meat.

·         Sprinkle sour cream with shredded lettuce.

·         Sprinkle lettuce with shredded cheese.

·         Sprinkle with tomatoes.

·         Preheat the skillet with a 1/4”  – ½” of oil.

·         Cover tostada with fajita tortilla.

·         Wrap burrito tortilla over fajita tortilla and create folds all around to totally encase the tostada.

·         Prepare to fry in the oil by using a spatula to hold the crunchwrap together as you place it in the hot oil.

·         Fry the folded part first until golden brown and then flip and fry the other side. 

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