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Roaster Chicken, Cut Up

These larger birds are very lean. You'll receive 1 whole roaster chicken separated in to 8 pieces.
Approx. $51.12
base price: $6.39 per 1 lb

Our chickens enjoy being raised outside in the sunshine, scratching around in the dirt to find yummy things to eat. Because of their active lifestyles our Roaster Chickens are extremely lean and have very little fat. Your cooking directions may need to vary to ensure that your meat is tender and juicy every time. After cooking, use the leftover bones to make healthy, healing bone broth!

Roaster Chickens are just a little bit bigger than Fryer Chickens. Ranging from 6-9 lbs they are just the right size for a large family or for sharing with company.

The advertised price is an estimate and based on exactly 8.00 lbs. You'll receive 1 whole roaster chicken separated in to 8 pieces. Your final price will vary based on the actual weight of your meat.

All of our chickens here at John Henry's are fed a mix of corn, oats, and peas, and bugs to keep them happy and healthy. All feed is GMO free. They are, locally raised, no hormones and no antibiotics. Our fields and feed are never exposed to harsh chemicals or pesticides. All chickens are free range and able to enjoy being outside as much as they wish. 

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