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Due to recent events, we are receiving higher than normal order volume. We are doing our best to keep up and provide everyone with the delicious meats you have grown to expect from us.


Our small family farm here in Michigan started with a desire to provide farm fresh meats to customers in our local area. We started selling our grass fed beef at local farmers’ markets in 2007. With over 50 years of farming and animal husbandry experience, we have always prided ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and amazing meats.  Our business blossomed as more people were made aware of factory farms and what they do to animals and our food supply.

Through humble beginnings, our mission hasn’t wavered.

We have just broadened our reach, now serving most of the eastern half of the United States.













Why You Need John Henry’s Meats.

Everyone wants humanely treated and sustainably raised meats, but where can you find it?

In the US, factory farms raise 99.9% of chickens for meat, 99% of turkeys, 95% of pigs and 78% of cattle.1 These animals aren’t always treated humanely, as you know. Most never see sunlight and if they do, they are crammed into small paddocks and forced to do nothing but stand and eat. These factory farms have also been known to use hormones and antibiotics to keep the animals growing and healthy when they are under stress from poor living conditions. 

As you can see, finding grass fed and pasture raised meats from healthy, happy animals is a tough job. That’s why John Henry’s Meats was created.



John Henry’s Meats offers customers something you won’t find anywhere else.

Grass fed and finished beef that have grown up in the sunshine, the rain and the snow, on our farm here in Michigan. We also raise pastured pork and poultry that spend their lives outside enjoying the special foliage we plant for them and rutting around in the dirt. Our animals are NEVER fed any antibiotics or hormones. We also offer you access to your own custom butcher, because we cut every piece by hand for you. We welcome custom cuts and custom packaging.

No need to settle for standard when you can have your specific cuts, packaged your way.



How John Henry’s Changes Everything

Standing against factory farms has never been so easy!

Choose to support a farmer who is raising animals the way they should be, humanely and sustainably. Choose the healthiest and most delicious meat cuts available, because it is from the healthiest, happiest animals.

Choosing to support John Henry’s Meats is a choice for change.



It’s so easy to order.

Visit our website, add your desired meat cuts into your cart or better yet, choose one of our amazing bundles.

This Healthy Start Bundle includes a variety of our healthiest, leanest meat cuts. This bundle is great for beginners that are new to eating clean, or just want a fresh start with healthy choices.

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