Freezer Meal Workshops

John Henry’s Freezer Meal Workshop
Space Is Very Limited!


Sorry, We do not have any workshops scheduled right now. Please call us to host your own!


Not finding a date that works for you?

We can deliver everything you need right to your door for you to prepare at home! Click here to order.


Menu Options:


"Savory Selections" Total Price $245 = $3.49/serving.

"Comfort Foods" Total Price $253 = $3.54/serving.

"Simply Wholesome" (Whole30 & Paleo) Total Price $241 = $3.51/serving.

"Warm & Hearty" Total Price $234 = $3.30/serving.

"Easy Breezy Slow Cooker" Total Price $251 = $3.55/serving.

"Primal Goodness" (Paleo) Total Price $220 = $3.13/serving.

"Around the World" Total Price $258 = $3.68/serving

"Backyard BBQ" Total Price $254 = $3.68/serving

"Family Favorites" Total Price $241 = $3.55/serving

"Get Your Grill On" Total Price $260 = $3.63/serving

"One Stop Crock" Total Price $228 = $3.68/serving

Click here for more info on each menu and the meals included


Meal planning is a huge asset in running a household and sometimes it comes easy and other times, well, not so much.  When you attend a John Henry’s Freezer Meal Workshop the cost for each meal is under $4.00 a serving! That is less than a meal at McDonalds, and so much healthier.   Maybe you are a meal planning expert; these workshops can still benefit you. When you invite those in your life who struggle with meal planning they will be thanking you for months for introducing them to the workshop. The freezer meals are also great gifts for someone who just had a baby or someone who has lost a loved one.  Most of the meals that are made at the workshop feed a family of 4
twice.  If your family is smaller you can further divide the workshop into smaller dinners.  Whether you are single or have a large family, everyone can benefit from this.


Example:  Wildtree spice bundle $89.00 + John Henry’s meat bundle $171.00 + organic veggies (You must provide your own) $30.00 = $290.00
Each dinner has approximately 8 servings (these can be divided depending on family size). We will be making 10 dinners.  $280.00 divided by 10 dinners = $29.00 per dinner.
$29.00 divided by 8 servings = $3.63 per serving. 
This final cost can be brought down even lower if you have some veggies and some canned goods in your pantry.


Once you have registered for this special event we will email a small grocery list of veggies and any other things you will need.

Step 1: Head to the grocery store for a small list of items (approx. 30 mins).
Step 2: Chop your veggies and fill a couple of bags with some of the other items you picked up at the store, such as tomato sauce or carrots (approx. 20-60 minutes depending on the amount of ingredients).

Step 3: Bring your bags, measuring cups, and favorite apron to the workshop. John Henry’s will have all of the meats, spices, recipes, labels and some extra ingredients waiting for you.
Step 4: The real fun begins. In less than 2 hours we will be partying and putting all of the meals together!  You will walk away with a minimum of 10 (some will be making 20)
healthy meals.

If you were to make one of these meals from start to finish, factoring in going to the store to get the ingredients, prep, and everything else that goes along with it, you would be spending over 12 hours making these same meals.
*Most meals can be cooked and on your table in 30 mins or less!


Guys and Gals are welcome!  Invite a friend who isn’t a John Henry’s customers and you will both SAVE! When you and your friend register to attend you will both receive $10.00 off your meals! 

Space is extremely limited,  be sure to register to save your spot.
*We all know what it is like to have a stocked pantry and freezer but still not know what’s for dinner. Let John Henry’s help you make dinner!





The Process…

Pick Your Date/Time __________

We will create an online registration link and a printable invitation for your guests

You invite your friends, family, and neighbors.

Follow up with those invited to remind them.

We will email shopping instructions to your guests as they register

Party On!


Earn Host Rewards…

8 Guests and you will earn your meat & spice bundle for FREE!

6-7 Guests and you will earn your meat & spice bundle for ½ off!

5 Guests and you will earn $25 off your meat and spice bundle


Your Guest List…

Remember…Only about ¼ of the people you invite will be able to attend, so be sure to invite at least 40 people. Don’t be discouraged when some friends say, “No.” They know right away if the date doesn’t work. They can always place an order to do a workshop at home on their own time or even set a date for their own party!

*Please note, we require a minimum of 5 participants (including yourself) in order to hold a workshop.

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