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Fresh Whole Turkey 10-24 lbs **Holiday PRE-ORDER**

Not available to ship until November. Serve your guests the very best with a pasture-raised Whole Fresh Turkey! Select the size that's just right for your gathering. Choose turkeys in sizes ranging from 10-24 lbs! This Holiday item requires a deposit, see full description for more information.
Approx. $50.49

Serve your guests the very best this holiday with a Pasture-Raised Turkey that is just the right size for your gathering. Pastured turkeys get lots of exercise, sunshine and a diverse diet making their meat rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, natural antioxidants, as well as Vitamin D3 & E. This also results in great flavor, texture and a more satisfying meal. Pastured turkey meat is leaner than conventional turkey meat, having less fat naturally due to their active lifestyle. 

Choose your turkey in sizes ranging from 10-24 lbs. The advertised prices are an estimate and based on $4.59/lb. The exact price will vary based on the actual weight of your turkey.

Serving Size Recommendation: For average servings estimate 1 lb per serving for turkeys smaller than 16lbs. For larger turkeys estimate about .75 lb per serving. For ample leftovers estimate 1.5 lbs per serving for any size turkey. 

All of our turkeys here at John Henry's are fed a mix of corn, oats, and peas, and bugs to keep them happy and healthy. All feed is GMO free. They are, locally raised, no hormones and no antibiotics. Our fields and feed are never exposed to harsh chemicals or pesticides. All turkeys are free range and able to enjoy being outside as much as they wish.

**DEPOSIT REQUIRED**  This Holiday item requires a $40 deposit at the time of your order. Deposits for Holiday items are required to insure that everyone receives the very best selection of our turkeys on a first served basis. You must provide a credit card at the time of your order so that we may collect your deposit. Should you have any questions, please contact us at 989-302-3366. Thank you!

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Amazing, 12/21/2019 2:10 PM
From: Heidi
I hope I never have to buy a frozen turkey again.  This was absolutely the best turkey I have ever cooked in the past 30 years.  So MOIST and very good flavor.  They make it so easy to buy and pick up at the flint farmers market
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